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Here at Sage Running, we want to give you a training plan that is in balance with your life. Running should add to the quality of your life while not taking away from other things that are important to you. We pride ourselves on giving training plans that work with people’s schedules, while still making sure people can reach their goals. We’ll view you not only as an athlete, but as a person with other responsibilities and passions. Our goal is to make runners faster, but when possible we hope to also help people figure out how to use running as a tool to improve their lives.

While both coaches have studied a variety of training philosophies and will put together a plan best suited for you, the core of all training plans are based on how you are feeling. As 4-time Olympian Lorrain Moller (bronze medalist and co-founder of the Lydiard Foundation) would say, “Inner technology is better than anything you can get from a computer.” While we believe GPS watches and heart rate monitors can be useful tools (that we do use), we’ll be looking at how you’re feeling on a daily basis to make sure your training is ideal for you.

Though the core of our training philosophy is based off of feeling, we also have a very scientific approach that will play a large part in how to design your training plans. Whenever you want us to, we can explain why we’re having you do certain things and what’s going on in your body during different runs. Our job and passion is to empower runners with all the knowledge they need to be successful.

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