This cycling cross training plan was developed by our social media manager Trevor Sooy, a CAT 1 cyclist sponsored by Primal-Audi Denver.

We’ve created a FREE 6-week Cycling Cross Training Plan that you can now download! Near the bottom of this page is a screenshot graphic of part of the plan as well as some reasons why we made this plan:

What is the purpose of this plan?

You may be wondering… what in the world is a cycling plan doing on a website meant for runners? We did not create the Sage Running Cycling Plan with the intent to make you the next winner of the Tour de France. Instead, we designed this plan to help you overcome a running-related injury (not provoked by biking), burnout, or you just want to throw in some cross-training to your regular running routine. We want it to become a way for you to maintain an adequate level of aerobic fitness while you take some time off running (or whatever the case).


What you get:

  1. A full 6 week cycling cross training plan. There is a color-coded workout intensity key at the bottom.
  2. Our Training Plan Guide specific for this plan with details on how to get the most out of this plan!
  3. Our Pace-Intensity Spectrum Chart (comes with all our Running Plans).



You might also be interested in using this plan after just finishing a marathon race (or ultra!) and to use as a way to gain and/or maintain non-impact fitness in the “off season.”

In order to download this plan, you must agree to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.  By proceeding to download this plan, you are agreeing to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Please consult your doctor before trying anything new. Upon checkout you are also subscribing to our email newsletter (which you can easily unsubscribe from if you don’t like!). 

To download your FREE Sage Running Cycling Cross Training Plan™ (6 week Plan, plus our Guidelines , AND our Key Training Zones Intensity-Spectrum Chart), please click on the button below:

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Cycling Cross Training Plan
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