The Sage Running Aerobic Base Building Plan™  

by Coach Sandi Nypaver and Coach Sage Canaday

The goal of this plan is to allow you to build up your stamina and speed in 9 weeks time by progressively building your “aerobic base”. If you are looking to reach that next level in running, and progressing from running 3 to 4 times per week, this plan will get you training up 5 to 6 times a week! It is recommended that after you follow this 9-week program, you then maintain weekly mileage/volume for another 3-4  weeks before anymore increases. You will likely be in great shape and fully prepared for our more advanced training plans!


This plan is structured for runners who will reach a peak mileage of somewhere between 30 to 34 miles a week (or about 48 to 55km per week). If you haven’t run a single week over 20 miles per week in your running career yet, we highly recommend that you take several weeks to build up your mileage so you are consistently averaging at least 15-20 miles per week (about 24-32km) on a regular basis without any serious injury before starting this training program.

What you get:

  1. A 9-week calendar grid chart with everyday specifically detailed with a training workout. The plan progresses with periodized weeks to build your fitness, speed and strength. It also includes spaces for you to write in comments and notes if you choose to print it out. Both US and Metric measurement versions of this plan are included!
  2. All training plans come with a “Training Guide” to help you understand each type of run and give you advice.
  3. Also included is a key training zone intensity chart that visually defines key workout intensities.


We realize that great coaching is both a science and an art – and we’ve used this philosophy (as well as knowledge gained from our own careers as runners) along with experience from coaching many others, to create a plan that emphasizes consistent, smart progression: A true Sage Running™ experience!

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