As mentioned in my new, personal “music and funny joke video” YouTube channel,

I have some original songs/music to share with you guys:

The first song I wrote and played (multi tracked in Garageband that is) is called “jnj”

it is from 2009 and a totally solo project (song starts 7 seconds into streamed download):

The next song is called “What Else”

My Hansons-Brooks teammate and book editor wrote the lyrics and I composed the music and

performed it. [Little known fact: we had a track band at the house that performed this song live even though most of us could barely play musical instruments….this recorded version is me solo with a drum machine (1991 keyboard) though!]


DIRECT DOWNLOADS: You should be able to access both of these song files below (they are slightly lower quality than the streamed file versions above though). Hope you enjoy my rough “singing” and playing!

In the next few days I’ll upload videos with full song lyrics as well…for more updates please


Thanks for your support!

-Coach Sage

Sage Canaday Original Music Downloads