Western Stories, a crowdsourced film of the 2016 Western States 100-mile Endurance Run! 


photo credit: Ryan Smith

It’s time to capture the whole race at the Western States 100, from the front of the pack to the last person crossing the finish line. We know every runner at the 2016 Western States has a story and a reason to run 100 miles, and our goal is to capture those stories along with the essence and diversity of the ultra running community. To do this, we’re crowdsourcing the filming. That’s right, we want the runners, crew, family, friends, pacers, and fans to help capture the stories and the race! We’ll edit all the footage (and post the final production on Youtube for all to see!), but the filming will be a team effort. 

What kind of video footage are we looking for?

We’re hoping to get footage from the training leading up to the race, thoughts right before the race, footage during the race, and thoughts/ emotions after crossing the finish line. We’d love to know why a runner wants to do the race, what struggles they may have encountered, what emotions they experience during training and the race, etc. These are just ideas, so don’t let them limit you! Please do a short introduction with your name, and where you’re from for the first video.

photo credit: Ryan Smith


To truly make this work…

We need the help from the whole ultra running community! Even spreading the word in person and on social media will help a lot (check out our Facebook Fan Page as well!). We also need family, friends, crew, pacers, and fans that are willing to do some filming or give some loving encouragement if your runner struggles to be filmed. To the 2016 Western States runners, we especially need you to be willing to be filmed and share your stories. We know that being filmed can be extremely uncomfortable (maybe even more uncomfortable than a 100 miles!), but your story is important. This film will only work if we have your help.

Okay ultra running community, lets make something great, together!

-Sandi Nypaver and Sage Canaday

How to submit videos to be a part of this project:

Please fill out the form below. That way we’ll have your name, location, and email contact. Then we can   use a file-sharing platform to get your footage from you after you record your videos! Also feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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Film Release Statement (for legal purposes):

Whereas, Sage Canaday and Sandi Nypaver (the “Producers”) is engaged in a project (the “Video”), and

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Western Stories: A Collaboration Film Project for the 2016 Western States 100!