Riding Your Fitness Wave


First off we hope that your summer is going well! Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter. Here we’ll be sharing some training tips that will hopefully empower you with the ability to enjoy your running more and more.


Here at Sage Running™ we believe that peak fitness is a delicate balance of optimal training stress (or smart training) and adequate recovery. You may be able to relate to how your fitness has improved or regressed due to stimuli like getting enough sleep or increasing mileage too fast too soon respectively. This delicate balance can seemingly be like running on a knife’s edge…one wrong step and you fall off!


We’d like to compare it more to riding a tidal wave though, where your fitness ebbs and flows and comes and goes. However, unlike the tide, we can control those highs and lows! Overtraining vs. optimal training is a dynamic balance. Any single variable or a combination or variables like mileage, intensity, sleep, diet, work stress, and vertical gain or climbing can lead to muscle fiber fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and/or a destruction of aerobic enzymes.


Former teammate and 2:11 Marathoner Nick Arciniaga once told me: “It’s only overtraining if you are doing too much for what your body can handle at a certain time.” The key words here are: at a certain time. As you gain experience as a runner you ideally gain strength the the ability to tackle more intense long runs and perhaps even more mileage without getting injured and/or overtraining.


So what is the secret to preserving fitness in any given training plan or season? The short and simple answer to that is Lactate Threshold or Tempo Run workouts. These help preserve and build your aerobic fitness in a fairly progressive manner because they aren’t over 90% in effort, but more in the 80 to 89% intensity range. These high-end aerobic, but controlled intensity efforts allow for consistency with a lower risk of injury and/or burn-out when they are cycled into a training program.  Of course having a large aerobic base of easy miles and long runs also helps as well! We design our Sage Running™ Training Plans with this in mind.


You can find out more of our training tips and advice in our new eBook: The Sage Running Secret: A Guide to Speedy Ultras.


Thanks for all the support and Happy Running!

Train Smart, Run Faster,

Coach Sage and Coach Sandi



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