“I’m still struggling to find the right words to thank both of you for the coaching and advice.  What you two provide is more than just a spreadsheet with a training plan.  Both of you knew exactly what kind of training I needed to feel confident in a finish.  There was never once that I doubted that I was going to cross that finish line, and it was because I knew that I had a solid training base and that I could trust the training that I had done.  I’ve only been seriously running for about 4 years now and my first marathon was 2012 so your training over the last year has been truly transformative to my running. So from the bottom of my heart thank you for the individual and personal attention that you put into everyone of your athletes.”


I have spent most of the last year training with Sage and Sandi and have had an awesome experience with them. I had been running for about 2 or 3 years prior to their coaching and had got my marathon time down to within 10 minutes of a BQ. I really had no experience with structured speed type workouts (intervals / tempo / etc.), so I wanted to learn how to do these workouts and to implement them into my schedule. 

During our initial conversations I let Sage and Sandi know that my objective was to spend a few months with them to learn how to do these workouts and to how to build a solid schedule, with the intent of being able to do that on my own in the future. They were more than happy to help me and had no problem with that plan. 

Over the months with them, they were always on top of everything going on with my training. I always knew the game plan and I always had my schedule well in advance so I knew what was coming. They responded to every daily workout as well as any questions I had regarding schedule changes, nutrition, injuries, shoes, or whatever else I could come up with. Even with their busy schedules, they were great about making sure that any questions were answered well in advance to any upcoming events. 

Through 2 training cycles I was able to get the 10 minutes off of my marathon time and got my first BQ this fall.

I would highly recommend their coaching service to anyone who is interested. If you want to speak with me personally about my experience, feel free to contact me directly (ask Sage and Sandi for my contact info). 

Thanks Sage and Sandi for all of your help! You guys have been great and I am absolutely grateful for the opportunity to work with you guys!

-Dusty J.

“After 365 days of working with you, I’m still in awe! I wanted to thank you, I am not the same Roby that wrote you for the first time, I’m a different athlete and person! Working with you guys not only helped me with my goals, it also helped to be a better version of me. Training with you guys has given me the tools, the confidence, the strength and the motivation to get out of my comfort zone and be the runner I’ve always wanted to be!”



“VO2 Max Coaching has helped to transform me from mid-pack marathoner and ultra newbie to a contender for the podium at distances from the marathon to 50 milers. The weekly schedules and workouts match up current performance with growth opportunities for endurance, speed and strength. They also pull from their firsthand experience and knowledge of the sport to provide tips for mental preparation and guidance for racing and training, enabling you to get your head around setting high goals and then achieving them. Whether you’re an elite or a newbie, V02 Max Coaching can deliver a program to get you where you want to go!”



“I never thought I would get a coach.  I know (or so I thought) a decent amount about running anyway,  so I did okay with my previous training.  However, as my schedule got busier I had less time (and want) to think about my own training schedule.  Plus, I am a classic over-trainer, and going to into an ultra over-trained really kicks your butt half way in.  When I let Vo2max take over my schedule, it was a huge relief!  I had coaches I could trust, are continually doing research on training, and confer with each other before answering my questions.  Most off, I knew they really cared about me- both personally and in running.  Under Vo2max, I placed first female in a local 50k that I fell apart in the year before- I was nearly in tears at the finish, both for myself and knowing how proud Sandi and Sage would be.  I also placed first female in trail marathon in the Cumberland Gap.  The first leg was 3 miles uphill- where I live in Ohio, Im luck if I get 3 minutes up.  Still, Vo2max found a way to tailor my training to get me the leg strength I needed.  I look forward to having their guidance in 2015 and I make my 100 mile comeback!”