Sandi Nypaver:Neverland-Sandi

Sandi is a USATF and Lydiard certified coach who has won races ranging from a 5-mile road race to 100-mile trail ultras. She’s also a graduate of Cornell’s Plant Based Nutrition program and has had a passion for health, fitness, and helping others reach their goals for her entire life. You’ll often find her reading the latest research about health and running, as well as the books from all the legendary running coaches. Sandi also believes in having a holistic approach to running, having witnessed herself the performance enhancing affects of a healthy diet, lifestyle, and positive mindset.  In her spare time Sandi also enjoys painting, yoga, rollerblading, snowshoeing, volunteering, following curiosity, and reading all kinds of books.

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Sage Canaday:Sage Running Tempo

Sage is a 2:16 marathoner and a professional Mountain-Ultra-Trail (MUT) Runner. In 2014 he won a variety of races ranging from the World Long Distance Mountain Championship (Pikes Peak Ascent) to a repeat victory at the Tarawera 100k, the Speedgoat 50km and TNF50 mile championships. He’s been studying different training philosophies and techniques since he started running competitively 16 years ago and he created Vo2max Productions so he could share some of his knowledge on Youtube. In Sage’s spare time he enjoys making videos, cooking, and playing the piano or guitar.


What’s the benefit of having two coaches?

All training plans are never sent out without the approval of both coaches. Both coaches have something special to offer, and together they can create a well-rounded training program designed to meet your specific goals.

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