Podcast Episodes from Coach Sage and Coach Sandi!

We talk about #AnySurfaceAnyDistance running and training from 5km and 10km, half marathon, marathon and ultra marathons up to 100 miles! From running nutrition and general nutrition to strength and mobility training, running form, and strategy/pacing for races we’ve got you covered.


Also, we’ll have some speedy and knowledgeable guests on the show. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to follow on iTunes (audio only versions) as well as YouTube (video and audio).


You can see all our episodes listed below:

Episode 21: Marathon #OTQ Training and #AnySurfaceAnyDistance (Marathon to Ultras)

Episode 17: Women’s Equality in Mountain-Ultra-Trail Running

Episode 15: “Variable Running Economy”

Episode 14: Guest Hayden Hawks!

Episode 13: My Background

Episode 12: Hong Kong 100km Race Report

Episode 11: Sandi’s 2016 Season

Episode 10: The sub 2-hour Marathon?

Episode 9: Guest The Ginger Runner!

Episode 8: Guest Olympian Mike Aish on PEDs issues

Episode 7: Guest Ray Nypaver and MIND + BODY

Episode 6: Sandi Updates and Q and A

Episode 5: Training Q and A

Episode 4: My Failure at RRR100