Sage Running Training Plans created by Sandi Nypaver and Sage Canaday.

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We get it. You do want a personal coach right now, but you also realize you could use a little more structure to your running so you can reach your goals. That’s why we’ve created our 12-16 week training plans for a variety of distances, levels, and surfaces.

What you get in each plan download:

Sample Part of a Training Plan Page

A 12-16-week (depending on the plan) calendar grid chart with every day specifically detailed with a training workout. The plan progresses with periodized phases to build your fitness, speed, and strength so that you peak for your goal race in 12-16 weeks time. All plan options come with both US and Metric measurement versions!

The Sage Running strength training plan designed specifically for runners. The plan targets your core muscles- hips, glutes, abdominal muscles, and hamstrings since those are areas runners are commonly weak in that often lead to running injuries. The plan also aims to keep you running with proper form even at the end of the race.

All training plans come with a detailed guideline (it’s basically a mini training book!) to help you understand each type of run and give you advice for your upcoming training. Also included is a training zone intensity chart that visually defines key workout efforts.

Topics for the Training Guide include:

-Daily mileage (purpose of the mileage range for each day).
-Figuring out workout paces, heart rate, or how to go by perceived effort.
-Correctly pacing workouts.
-Easy runs.
-What do on days that aren’t speed workouts or labeled as easy.
-Workout types: fartleks, uptempos, tempos, VO2 max intervals, hill repeats, and strides.
-What to do if you get sick or injured.
-Rest Days
-How to calculate how much vertical you should include in your long runs and other ways to gear the plan towards your race.
-Cross training suggestions and replacing easy runs with cross training.
-Race day planning.
-How to pace workouts by pace, heart rate, and perceived effort.
-How to make the training plan work for YOUR schedule.
-How to make sure you’re getting the most out of the training plan.
The Sage Running Core Strength Routine

Why our plans are different:

This plan is derived from the theories and practices of the most legendary distance running coaches and exercise scientists from around the world: Arthur Lydiard, Jack Daniels, Renato Canova, and Peter Pfitzinger to name a few. Unlike other “cookie-cutter” training plans that just list mileage and a general pace, this Sage Running plan gives you essential specifics on how to do workouts at the right intensity for the most beneficial training stimuli. Furthermore, it does not follow a strict 7-day cycle (like most competitor’s plans), because at Sage Running we believe some workouts take longer to recover from and adapt to. Therefore sometimes recovery running days are extended and shortened appropriately to give you an ideal boost in fitness.  Most other plans do not take this kind of periodization into consideration. Our Sage Running guideline gives you the information you need to make the plan more specific to your needs and the race you’re training for.

We realize that great coaching is both a science and an art – and we’ve used this philosophy (as well as knowledge gained from our own careers as runners) along with experience from coaching many others, to create a plan that emphasizes consistent, smart progression: A true Sage Running™ experience!

– Coach Sandi Nypaver and Coach Sage Canaday

In this video, we answer common questions about our plans and adjusting the plan for your needs.

Our Training Plans: (from shorter distances to longer distances)

FREE Aerobic Base Building Plan (Basic)

FREE Cycling Cross Training Plan

5km-10km Training Plan

“Not-So-Beginner” Half Marathon Training Plan

Half Marathon Training Plan

Advanced Half Marathon Training Plan

Beginner-Intermediate Marathon Training Plan

BQ Marathon Training Plan

Boston Course Specific (Hilly Marathon) Training Plan

Very Advanced (sub 2:45) Marathon Training Plan

Mountain-Ultra Training Plan

Women’s First 50km Training Plan (FREE!)

Beginner-Intermediate 50km Ultra Training Plan

Advanced 50km Ultra Training Plan

Beginner-Intermediate 50-mile (80km) to 100km Ultra Training Plan

Advanced 50-mile (80km) to 100km Ultra Training Plan with 100-mile notes

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